Crankshaft Grinding & Polishing

One of the most popular machining operations that we perform is crankshaft grinding and polishing. We can accurately grind and polish the rod and main journals of just about any crankshaft renewing the bearing surfaces to better than factory specifications, we also perform Magnaflux testing, straighten bent crankshafts and cut new keyways when needed. Vegas Machine Nevada Crankshaft also stocks an assortment of re-manufactured crankshafts for a variety of different applications.

Our Crankshaft Grinding and Reconditioning Rates

Crankshaft Polishing $65.00
Crankshaft Grinding $100.00
R&R Relucter Wheel $45.00
Add Tungsten Steel To Crankshaft $45.00 Per Stick
Cut Crankshaft Keyway $75.00
Straighten Crankshaft $25.00
Magnaflux Crankshaft $40.00
Wet Mag Crankshaft $65.00
Weld Thrust Journals $85.00
Weld Rod or Main Journals $85.00
Grind Stroker Crankshaft $200.00
Grind Diesel Crankshaft $150 And Up
Knife Edge Crankshaft $300.00

All Prices Are For Labor Only and Are Subject To Change.

Our Crankshaft Grinding and Reconditioning Rates

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