Cylinder Boring & Honing

A proper cylinder wall finish is crucial for sealing the compression and oil rings. We make sure your blocks cylinders and perfectly smooth and round, reducing the chance of compression loss and oil consumption, this in turn will help your engine reach in maximum horsepower potential and increase it's overall longevity.

Our Cylinder Boring & Honing Rates

Bore & Hone Single Cylinder $85.00
Bore and Hone V-Twin $200.00
Bore & Hone Inline 4 Cylinder $175.00
Bore & Hone Subaru H-4 $300.00
Bore & Hone Inline  5 Cylinder $175.00
Bore & Hone Inline 6 Cylinder $175.00
Bore & Hone V6 $200.00
Bore & Hone V8 $285.00
Bore & Hone V10 $375.00
 Bore & Hone V12 $450.00
Hone Block W/ Torque Plate $100.00
Hone Only Inline/V Block $150.00
Hone Only H4/H6 Block $150.00
Sonic Test Cylinder Walls $100.00
Sleeve Single Cylinder Cast Iron Block $175.00
Sleeve 2 or more Cylinders Cast Iron Block $100.00
Sleeve Single Cylinder Aluminum Block $250.00

All Prices Are For Labor Only And Are Subject To Change.

Our Cylinder Boring & Honing Rates

Our Cylinder Honing Machine