Cylinder Head Repair & Reconditioning Services

Vegas Machine offers cylinder head repair and reconditioning services. Everything from head resurfacing and valve jobs to welding and crack repair. We can perform pressure and vacuum tests to check for leaks and also perform port and polishing services with flow bench testing for our high performance engine builds. All of our valve jobs include a complete cleaning process that includes baking and bead blasting the heads, using a Magnaflux to check for cracks, performing a 3 angle valve grind, installing new valve stem seals, calibration of valve installed height and valve spring pressure correction.

Our Cylinder Head Repair & Reconditioning Rates

Single 2-Valve Cylinder Head $150.00
VW Air Cooled Head Valve Job $200.00
4 Cylinder Cast Iron OHV 8-Valve $150.00
4 Cylinder Cast Iron 8-Valve 2.3L Ford W/Cam $350.00
4 Cylinder Aluminum OHV 8-Valve $225.00
4 Cylinder Aluminum OHV 12-Valve $300.00
4 Cylinder Aluminum OHV 16-Valve $350.00
4 Cylinder Aluminum DOHC 16-Valve $475.00
4 Cylinder Aluminum DOHC 20-Valve $475.00
4 Cylinder BMW SOHC W/Dual Rocker Shafts $475.00
H-4 SOHC $350.00
H-4 DOHC $350.00
Inline 6 Cast Iron 12-Valve $200.00
Inline 6 Aluminum SOHC $375.00
Inline 6 Aluminum DOHC $375.00
Inline Six BMW SOHC W/Dual Rocker Shafts $475.00
V6 Cast Iron OHV 12-Valve $200.00
V6 Aluminum OHV 12-Valve $200.00
V6 Aluminum OHV 12-Valve GM 3.1/3.4L $200.00
V6 Aluminum SOHC 24-Valve $375.00
V6 Aluminum DOHC 24-Valve $425.00
V6 Aluminum DOHC 30-Valve $475.00
V8 Cast Iron OHV Small Block OHV $225.00
V8 Aluminum OHV Small Block $250.00
V8 Cast Iron OHV Big Block $250.00
V8 Aluminum OHV Big Block $275.00
V8 Aluminum SOHC $475.00
V8 Aluminum DOHC $475.00
V8 Diesel 16-Valve (Surface Not Included) $450.00
V8 Diesel 32-Valve (Surface Not Included) $550.00
V10 SOHC $550.00
V10 DOHC $500.00
V12 DOHC $600.00
4 Cylinder Resurface $100.00
5-6 Cylinder Resurface $125.00
8 Cylinder Resurface $160.00
Pressure Test SIngle Head $100.00
Pressure Test V6-V8 Heads $125.00
Pressure Test V10-V12 Heads $200.00
Tear Down & Inspection $100.00
Straighten Aluminum Head $200.00
Magnaflux Cast Head $65.00
Vacuum Test Valves $65.00
R&R to New Casting $150.00
Replace Valve Stem Seals $100.00
Adjust Shims $20.00 each
Heli-Coil Spark Plug Hole $85.00
Spark Plug Insert 5.4/6.8L (1) $85.00
Spark Plug Insert 5.4L Ford (8) $400.00
Spark Plug Insert 6.8L Ford (10) $450.00
Mill for Studs/Guide Plates $200.00
Cut Spring Seats $10.00 each
Cut Seats for Larger Valves $10.00 each
CC Combustion Chamber $65.00
Drill & Install Top Plug $65.00
CC Intake/Exhaust Runner $100.00
Clean & Resurface Valve $60.00
R&R Valve Guides $15.00 each
Cut & Install Valve Seats $35.00
Hot Tank & Mag #65.00
Bake & Mag $85.00
Angle Mill Heads $350.00
Resurface Exhaust Side of Head $100.00
Resurface Intake Manifold $150.00
Resurface Exhaust Manifold $85.00 each

All Prices Are For Labor Only And Are Subject To Change.

Our Cylinder Head Repair & Reconditioning Rates

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