Flywheel Resurfacing and Kingpin Bushing Work

Vegas Machine Nevada Crankshaft provides more than just engine machining services. We also resurface cast, aluminum and chromoly flywheels, lighten race flywheels and perform flywheel balancing. In addition we also fit and press king pin bushings for a variety of applications and can assemble spindles on most vehicles from VW's to heavy duty trucks.

Our Flywheel Resurfacing and Kingpin Bushing Rates

Resurface Flat Type Flywheel $85.00
Resurface Step Type Flywheel $95.00
Resurface Honda W/Short Pins $95.00
Resurface VW or Dodge W/4" Center $100.00
Resurface Heavy Duty Truck Flywheel $185.00
Resurface Chromoly Race Flywheel $95.00
Drill Out Alignment Pins $22.00
Lighten Flywheel $150.00
Balance Flywheel $85.00
Grind Dual Mass Flywheel $175.00
R&R and Fit Kingpin Bushings $150.00 set
Fit Bushings Only $100.00
R&R VW Kingpins $120.00
Remove Assembly From Straight Axle $100.00
Assemble Spindles On Straight Axle $125.00
Clean Spindles Before/After Assembly $45.00

All Prices Are For Labor Only And Are Subject To Change.