Piston & Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Vegas Machine Nevada Crankshaft performs piston and connecting rod reconditioning services. Our piston services include checking the pin clearances, cutting valve reliefs, milling vertical and lateral gas ports and fly cutting. For connecting rods, we can check the rod sizes, Magnaflux to check for cracks, shot peen and polish and replace the small end pin bushings if needed.

Our Piston & Connecting Rod Reconditioning Rates

Check Rod Sizes $10.00 each
Recondition a Single Rod (large end) $35.00 each
Recondition 2 or More Rods (large end) $25.00 each
R&R a Single Piston on Rod Assembly $25.00 each
R&R 2 or More Piston on Rod Assembly $10.00 each
Install Small End Pin Bushing and Size $25.00 each
Check Piston & Pin Clearances $15.00 each
Size Piston & Pin Clearance $15.00 each
Shot Peen Rods $15.00 each
Polish Beams & Shot Peen Rods $25.00 each
Fly Cut Pistons $35.00 each
Cut Valve Reliefs In Piston $35.00 each
Mill Vertical Gas Ports $35.00 each
Mill Lateral Gas Ports $45.00 each
Cut Ring End Gap Each Cylinder $25.00 each
Balance Rods (Large & Small End) $25.00 each
Balance Piston & Pin #20.00 each

All Prices Are For Labor Only And Are Subject To Change.

Our Piston & Connecting Rod Reconditioning Rates

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